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Most people want to be successful at work, companies want success on the market. In recent years the market has changed considerably and we, the customers, have also changed. There has been a constant growth in customers' demands for production and services which require individual approaches and solutions, not to mention quality and precise delivery, all for a standard price. The result of these efforts and of meeting customers' wishes is, however, an immense variability in the manufacturing process, which understandably brings with it more complicated management of production, logistics, technology, product development etc. The average car is an example - how long is the list of optional extras? How many types of fabric and leather, in all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable combinations, can be ordered for the interior? You can certainly think of other examples not only from the automotive industry.

It was the leading car manufacturers who, back in the 1990s, started the LEAN revolution. The reason is simple - the group of methods called TPS - Toyota Production System and the broad knowledge base of the employees of the automobile company allowed cars to be manufactured cheaper, quicker and better. So it is no surprise that these effective methods are gradually entering into most manufacturing companies as well as other branches such as banking, public administration, retail chains, construction, the military and others.

With all respect we offer our customers the following main products:


  • Lean production audit
  • Process audit
  • Personnel audit
  • Logistics audit
  • Maintenace audit

Direct cooperation and step by step support in:

  • Value Stream Mapping - defining the actual state and cause analysis
  • Value Stream Design - defining the future state, vision
  • Lean Production, Six Sigma - defining pilot projects, Road Map, goals for individual stages, employee responsibility...
  • Running joint workshops, managing implementation teams, employee training, coaching and training of employees to help them change their way of thinking and to participate, the use of individual methods such as 5S, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), QCO (Quick Change Over), Kanban, Milkrun, One Piece Flow, Just In Time, Just In Sequence, Andon, Jidoka and others, cooperation with defining control mechanisms.

LeanSigma College

  • The training programme which is aimed at educating adults from all professions. We know that employee training is immensely important and also that it is not possible for "one person talking a different language" to change a manufacturing plant or office administration - without the fundamental knowledge base of the employees themselves.


Picture_products- Value Sream Map, workshop, shop floor

1st and 2nd phase of GLMA in Grammer CZ

We are proud to have oportunity help and support plants to achieve certification of GLMA.

We are exclusive partners for TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o

We are exclusive partners for TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o in implementation strategy and audits of Lean Production.