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LeanSigma Consulting s.r.o. was founded by a group of specialist industrial engineers with broad experience gained from the introduction of lean production at Robert BOSCH.

We offer tested procedures for the implementation of rationalising measures in the spirit of Lean Enterprise and SixSigma. Every company and production is different and we respect our customers and their businesses when we offer the knowledge and experience which we have acquired at leading automotive manufacturers and also at companies which even today bear negativity and practices from the distant past. We know how to focus on the manufacturing and logistical process and shop floor workers, as well as on administration as a whole.

We consider our business to be a service - a service to individuals, companies and to society as a whole.

We regularly cooperate with tested companies and Czech universities and together we can offer complete services for the successful implementation of lean production systems from audit through employee training and coaching during projects, up to the construction of quick reaction systems, logistics centres, the set up of Kanban circuits or mathematical models leading to optimalised routes for logistics and shop floor workers and their equipment.

1st and 2nd phase of GLMA in Grammer CZ

We are proud to have oportunity help and support plants to achieve certification of GLMA.

We are exclusive partners for TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o

We are exclusive partners for TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o in implementation strategy and audits of Lean Production.